Marcus Lubnow

Marcus Lubnow

Rechtsanwalt (German lawyer)
DESS / Master Européen Géopolitique, Relations Internationales (application-oriented Master’s degree in European geopolitics and International relations)

Geboren: 1975 (Berlin)

Staatsangeh.: German

Sprachen: German (mother tongue), French, English

+33 (0) 3 88 45 65 45


  • Master in German and French law at the Humboldt University in Berlin, and in Bordeaux (France) and studies of political science in Toulouse (France)
  • Legal clerkship at the District Court of Baden-Baden
  • Admission as Rechtsanwalt (German lawyer) to the Bar of Freiburg im Breisgau (2005)
  • Joined the firm EPP, GEBAUER & KÜHL (2005)


  • Legal property transactions in French real estate
  • Supervision of cross-border product liability cases (liability cases and enforcement of liability claims, monitoring of compliance procedures)
  • Support in judicial expert procedures in France
  • Support in investments in renewable energies (appraisal, approval process, real estate securities, EPC contracts)
  • German and French inheritance (support in capital transfers and court proceedings estate division)
  • Litigation and out of court negotiations in cross-border cases

Speaker’s activities

  • Lecturing on the legal framework and perspectives for renewable energies in France, as well as about issues of cross-border product liability