Ulrich Martin

Ulrich Martin

Rechtsanwalt (German lawyer)
Diplômé d’Etudes Approfondies en droit communautaire (Université Nancy 2)
Diplômé d’Etudes Supérieures Européennes (Université Nancy 2)

Geboren: 1967 (Freiburg / Germany)

Staatsangeh.: German

Sprachen: German (mother tongue), French, English

+33 (0) 3 88 45 65 45


  • One year-stay in the State of Michigan, USA with the “Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange” Program, sponsored by the German Bundestag and the US Congress.
  • German, French and European law at the Universities of Freiburg (Germany), Tours (France), Heidelberg (Germany) and Nancy (France)
  • Legal clerkship at the District Court of Freiburg and in a French law firm in Paris (Gollety Plantade; Areas: Corporate Law, German-French legal relations) and a part-time position in a commercial law firm in Freiburg (Brake & Scholz)
  • Registered as a Rechtsanwalt (German lawyer) at the District Court of Freiburg (Germany) (1998)
  • Legal and commercial activity for legal media companies in Paris, Berlin, Freiburg and Munich (Memento Verlag Haufe/Francis Lefebvre, CH Beck, Haufe Gruppe, Wolters Kluwer)
  • Joined the firm EPP & KÜHL (2013)


  • Advice and support of companies in French and German corporate law
  • Crafting company purchase agreements and joint venture agreements
  • Advising companies in Germany, Switzerland and Austria on incorporation in France
  • Advising companies in France on incorporation in Germany
  • Acquisition of insolvent companies
  • Monitoring international arbitration


  • Editor in Chief and co-author of the book „Memento Gesellschaftsrecht“ ("Memento Company Law"), first published in 2000 as "Memento companies" by Memento Verlag AG Haufe/Francis Lefebvre
  • „Das neue Weinrecht“ ("The new wine law"), published in “Steuer- und Wirtschaftskurzpost“ 1994